Dezhou Solar City

Dezhou is in China in the north west of the Shandong Province and can be found in the lower reaches of the Yellow River. It has more than 2,000 years of history with an amazing culture. It has a complete area of 10,356 square kilometers and a population of 5.6 million. It administers one district, two county-level cities, 8 counties and two economic development zones.Dezhou  China Solar City
Dezhou enjoys superior locations and convenient transportation. It's a national key traffic hub and regional logistics center. Belonging to the continental monsoon climate of the warm temperate zone, Dezhou has four distinctly different seasons with separate dry and wet seasons and plenty of sunshine. Enjoying fertile land,sufficient sunshine and water from the yellow .

Dezhou has rich underground resources such as petroleum, natural gas, coal and geothermal energy. After many years' development, Dezhou has formed four traditional industries---equipment manufacturing, chemicals, textiles and garments, agricultural and by-products processing, and four new industries which are new energy, new materials, biological technology and sports equipments. In recent years, Dezhou has got three state-level city brands: China's Solar City, Central Air-Conditioner City, China's Functional Sugar City.

Solar Industry has emerged in Dezhou.
In a certain area  the concentration of solar industries is so high that it got the name: “China Solar city”. or vally .

There are many large or small producers of specific solar and thermal components in an enormous variety. Vacuum tube solar collectors are made in different configurations and outlook. And not all flat plate collector one can see are “simple flat plate collectors”; some of them are high tech refined technology products.
There is production of photovoltaic arrays and of high tech insulation glass. And many of the photovoltaic public lighting in streets and parks throughout Dezhou  is locally produced. Heat pipes as produced in Dezhou can play an important role in efficient heat exchangers in energy conservation.
Since early-1990s, the solar energy industry of Dezhou has been in rapid development. So far, there have been more than 100 solar enterprises in this solar city. Himin and Ecco, whose headquarters are located in Dezhou, are two famous professional solar product brands and also large solar water heater production base in the world. The solar commercialization development mode initiated by Himin Group has brought positive influence to the world's solar promotion and application.

Solar - city

Massive Solar Powered Sundial Building in Dezhou :
Located in Dezhou of the Shandong Province, the 75,000 square meter (807,293 square feet) center includes exhibition centers, scientific research facilities, meeting and training facilities, and a hotel.  It'll be a showcase of solar design, solar desalination, and, of course, about 50,000 square-feet of solar panels on the exterior. 

With advanced roof and wall insulation, the conference center is supposed to be about 30% more efficient than China's national standard.  And, notwithstanding its size, renewable energy will power 95% of the center's energy needs. solar city china
Source : China Solar City

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