Homemade Solar Water Heater Results.

Welcome to new topic from www.solar-city.net. In the previous topic I put my homemade solar water heater execution method with full description in your hands. Now is the time for measurements and results. Let’s get started.

homemade solar water heater - thermocoupleOk. Now the first thing to know is Thermocouple ( the simple way we can use to measure temperature at different places and different times.)
A thermocouple is a device consisting of two different conductors (usually metal alloys) that produce a voltage, proportional to the temperature difference, between either ends of the two conductors. (one end of each conductor is welded with mercury and this is the point that we fix on the place which we want to measure it’s temperature.)

I think I’ll make a topic about thermocouple soon.

We fixed thermocouples at different places to take the temperature measurement.
homemade solar water heater - -thermocouple- solar city

homemade solar water heater- measure devices- solar city
Measurement Results:
I’ll give you average results of 7 days . You must know that readings will change from place to another according to latitude .

- Flux average result.( From 10 am to 5 pm)
homemade solar water heater- measure devices-- solar city

Inlet water temperature, outlet water temperature and tank temperature .along day (From 10AM to 5PM)
homemade solar water heater- results-- solar city

Now as u see It’s very effective and I think the next one could has more efficiency .
wish you find my homemade solar water heater informative to you and feel free to let you comment or question .
Now excuse me I’m going to have my showerBe right back.

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