Our Energy

where does our energy come from at the moment?
our energy-solar energy facts-solar cityLet’s look at where USA gets its energy from—as it is representative of many countries. If we look at USA energy consumption, we can see in Figure that most of our energy at the moment is produced from nonrenewable energy.
Next we look at renewable energy, which produces around 12% of USA’s electricity.
These sources include things such as hydroelectric, solar power, wind powers and wave and tidal power. It is this sector that we need to grow in order to make energy supply more sustainable and decrease our reliance on fossil fuels.
Augustin Mouchot, said in 1879:
One must not believe, despite the silence of modern writings, that the idea of using solar heat for mechanical operations is recent .We hope to be recognized that human lives in a solar city and works to exploit all this power granted by the sun optimally to get the perfect world we dream .

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