Solar City Tower

Rio de Janeiro is getting ready for the Olympics and this amazing building is one of the first buildings we’ve seen designed for the 2016 Rio Olympics!
The Solar City Tower is designed by Zurich-based RAFAA Architecture &Design.
solar city tower

This urban waterfall “a symbol for the forces of nature.”will be built on a small island nearby the Rio de Janeiro shore line and the Solar City Tower will use sun light as the primary energy at the daytime and the Waterfall will also generate night time energy supply.Via an urban plaza located 60 meters over sea level you gain access to the building. Through the amphitheater,you reach the entrance situated on the ground floor.Organization both entrance area and amphitheater can serve as a place for social gatherings and events. The public spaces are also accessible from this point on. The cafeteria and the shop are situated beneath the waterfall.
tower solar city

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