Solar Energy

Solar energy is the source:
When you start to think about solar energy, it is surprising how many of the different types of energy sources around us actually come from the sun and solar driven processes. Take a look at Figure below which illustrates this.We can see how all of the energy sources in this figure actually come from the sun! we actually live in a solar city!
solar energy - solar energy facts - solar city

One of solar energy facts is that even the fossil fuels which we are burning at an unsustainable rate at the moment, actually originally came from the sun. Fossil fuels are the remains of dead animal and plant matter that have been subject to extreme temperature and pressure over millions of years. Those animals fed on the plants that were around at the time (and other animals) and those plants grew as a result of the solar energy that was falling on the earth. Biomass therefore is a result of solar energy additionally; biomass takes carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. When we burn it we simply put back the carbon dioxide that was taken out in the first place—the only carbon emissions are a result of processing and transportation.
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Looking at hydropower, you might wonder how falling water is a result of the sun, but it is important to note that the hydrological cycle is driven by the sun. So we can say that hydropower is also the result of a solar-driven process. Really it ‘s a solar city !
Wind power might seem disconnected from solar energy, but one of solar energy facts is that the wind is caused by air rushing from an area of high pressure to an area of low pressure—the changes in pressure are caused by the sun heating air, and so yet again we have another solar-driven process! It’s a real solar city.
Tidal power is not a result of the sun—the tides that encircle the earth are a result of the gravitational pull that the moon has on the bodies of water that cover our planet. However, wave power which has a much shorter period, is a result of the wind blowing on the surface of the water—just as the wind is a solar-driven process, so is wave power.
We hope to be recognized that human lives in a solar city and works to exploit all this power granted by the sun optimally to get the perfect world we dream .


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