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Although solar energy seems like the best solution to provide us with the clean energy, but buying and installing the solar devices to harness the power of the Sun can be expensive. But what if solar panels could printed?
The scientists at Australia's Victorian Organic Solar Cell Consortium (VICOSC) — a collaboration between the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), the University of Melbourne, Monash University and industry partners — have been able to print photovoltaic cells the size of an A3 sheet of paper.
"There are so many things we can do with cells this size. We can set them into Signs, powering lights and other interactive elements. We can even embed them into laptop cases to provide backup power for the machine inside," said CSIRO materials scientist, Dr. Scott Watkins.
These cells produce 10-50 watts of power per m2, and could be used to laminate the windows of skyscrapers, giving them an additional source of power. Or they could be printed onto materials such as steel, meaning they could be embedded into roofs of buildings.
Photovoltaic cells — the building blocks of solar panels — have been printed before, but the printing process was different.
We must now mention also that there is a French company ( genesink ) worked in this field before.
For their printable solar cells, the VICOSC team used photovoltaic ink, a $200,000 printer, and techniques similar to those you'd use "if you were screen printing an image on to a t-shirt."
One of the most important aspects of this approach, claims Watkins, is accessibility. "We're developing our processes to be able to use these existing printing technologies so that the barrier to entry for manufacturing these new printed solar cells is as low as possible," he said.



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